Foam Umbrella

This sculpture was made during my freshman year in high-school. It is comprised of 1/4 inch foam core. The handle is a wooden rod with short supports coming directly off of it at a 45º angle. Each support rests in a hand shaped pocket. The handle was originally part of a failed lamp project that required the top half be balancing on the stand with the current flowing through a 3D printed coupling that allowed (in theory) the lamp to spin 360º.


The “pre-made” handle from the lamp project and the longer supports for the foam core.

FumbrellaA2 FumbrellaA1

Attaching the longer arms to the short supports with glue and screws.


Taped and painted the inside (and outside) of the umbrella.


The umbrella was displayed in our school gallery for several months. It hung from two wires that ran across the ceiling of the hallway by clear fishing line.



Having the umbrella hang above it’s audience allows them to view almost all sides in a different perspective from all the other work in the gallery.